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ProMAKE is a Quality based Project Organizer, as a web application.

To read more about the features, you can Download a product brochure and refer further for offline analysis. 

ProMAKE is compatible with all kinds of Projects, even though it was started focusing on IT Projects.  Its purpose is to provide for users a unique tool to gather all the information about the projects and retrieve important reports about the project, which makes life easy for the Executives and Project leaders.

The fact is that many Project Management software just focus on planning. But it is a much too restrictive point of view. Of course, planning is an important activity of Project Management and is one of the keys to Project success, but it is not the only one.

Project Managers need to foresee all what can happen, measure risks, build an action plan and mitigation plan. It is also important to track and keep traces of all what is happening to the Project: incidents, bugs, change requests, support requests, ...

 In this objective, ProMAKE gives visibility at all levels of Project Management.

At lower level, the Project follow-up consists in gathering all information, and maintain it up to date. This involves all the operational teams.

At upper level, Project Steering uses the follow-up data to take the decisions and build the action plan. This allows to bring the adjustments needed to target on the objectives of the project.

The goal of ProMAKE is to be Project Management Method independent. Whatever your choice of the method, you can use ProMAKE.


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