This 2-day course begins by answering the question “what is project management” and defining its roles, history and dynamic industry profile. You’ll learn how to define the scope and goals of your project, how to create a schedule, draft a budget and integrate risk by anticipating what could go wrong.

Project Management Fundamentals is a great way to get your team on the same page, speaking the same language. This course will also focus on leadership components, such as communication excellence and the very essence of project management—knowing how to lead a team.

This elite course is only offered for groups–inquire for your company!

Duration & PDU options:

2-Day foundational (8 hrs./day) for 16 PDUs

3-Day comprehensive (8 hrs./day) for 24 PDUs


Course Benefits and Objectives

Project Management Fundamentals teaches the art and science of delivering successful projects. Participants will learn how to apply the processes, techniques, and tools for organizing and planning a project, as well as how to execute the plan, monitor and control, and deliver and close the project successfully.

Chock-full of tips, tricks, and practical techniques that can be applied immediately, participants will learn secrets of the best PMs and the factors that make them so successful.

Learning objectives:

  • The Basics: What is “Project Management”?
  • Scope: How to Define Project Goals & Boundaries
  • Schedules & Resources: What Needs to Happen & When
  • Budget: How Much Will It Cost?
  • Risk: What if Something Bad Happens?
  • Communication Excellence: a Vital Trait of Top PMs
  • Leading a Team: The Essence of Project Management